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UK - Ready Meal Sleeves Manufacturer | Flying Stag Flying Stag - 23 years experience supplying Packaging to the UK Food & Beverage Sector.

Food & Beverage

Packaging for the Food & Beverage sectors accounts for 22% of the worldwide packaging market - it's a massive but complex sector. With over 23 years' experience supplying the UK's Food & Beverage Sector, Flying Stag are well placed to service your needs.

Our Packaging Consultants, Graphic Designers, Structural Engineers and Manufacturing Sites work tirelessly with Brand Owners and Retailers to ensure our Client's packaging is complaint with legislation, that mandatory information is displayed - ingredients lists, allergen information and relevant warnings - whilst at the same time balancing the need to attract Consumer attention with that all important shelf appeal.

We are specialists in Direct Food Contact Packaging; having amassed considerable knowledge and know-how over the years. We are always on hand to walk our Clients through the complexities of low migration print and specifying materials with barrier properties (often composite materials) - which guard against moisture or grease ingress or must contend with frozen storage or oven / microwave regeneration - whilst at the same time, balancing the Packaging's technical and performance requirements with its environmental credentials.


Veganism is booming! Scarcely a week goes by without some new Vegan product hitting our Supermarket shelves or High-Street; from guilt free ready meals and revitalising, energy drinks, to clothing ranges and high-end cosmetics, this fast-growing Consumer trend presents an interesting challenge for the Packaging Sector.

Vegan friendly packaging must address many hidden factors within the raw material supply chain and conversion process e.g. dyes, lacquers, adhesives, inks and additives must be guaranteed free of animal compounds.

Having worked on numerous Vegan Packaging Projects over the last five years, we have massed considerable experience in this field - if you would like to learn more, please give us a call.

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Healthcare Packaging Solutions | Flying Stag Flying Stag - Cost effective Packaging Procurement - Self-Adhesive Labels, Leaflets & Folding Carton


The healthcare industry is an aggregation and integration of sectors that provide goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative and palliative care. Our packaging experiences are focused on the 'preventive' functions of Healthcare; working with Retailers, Brand Owners and White Label Manufacturers of vitamins, minerals, nutrition / supplements, aromatherapy, (CBD) Cannabidiol products and homeopathic remedies.

Our team of Packaging Consultants can lend valuable experience in NPD as well as fulfilling cost effective procurement of your core ranges of packaging.

Please give us a call and arrange a meeting with one of our Healthcare Packaging consultants.

FOLDING CARTON - for Clamshells, Trays, Syringes & Dropper Bottles | Multi-Pack CDU's | SRP's | Inserts SELF-ADHESIVE LABELS - Single Ply | Multi-Page Peal-and-Reveal FLEXIBLE PACKAGING - Pouches | Wrap LEAFLETS - Product Data Safety Sheets CORRUGATED - Transit Packaging / Shipping Boxes

UK - E-Liquid - Labels & Boxes | Flying Stag Flying Stag - Packaging Supplier to the Vape / E-Liquid / CBD Industry

Vape - E-Liquid / CBD

With an estimated 2.9M - 3.6M vapers in the UK today, vaping has quickly grown into a £4bn Industry. Vaping is now the number one cessation tool for people looking to quit cigarettes, as advocated by the NHS.

Having worked with the E-Liquid Industry for circa 6 years; Flying Stag are well versed in supplying TPD & CLP compliant Packaging Solutions to this dynamic and time-sensitive sector.

Our team of Packaging Professionals consult; advise, design, procure and manage Vape Packaging Projects for artisan and leading Brand Owners and White Label Manufacturers alike.

As a one-stop Packaging Partner, we offer a multi-category, centralised buying channel for:

  1.  Folding Carton (Printed Boxes)
  2.  Self-Adhesive Labels (with Tactiles)
  3.  Safety Datasheet Leaflets
  4. Corrugated Transit Packaging (Shipping Boxes)
  5. POS

Let us share our knowledge and guide you through the complexities of specifying the right Materials, Print, Embellishment and Anti-Counterfeiting technology to guarantee your packaging will stand-out in an ever-crowded marketplace and prevent your Brand from being counterfeit.

TPD Compliant | Fast Lead Times | 10ml & Short-fill Labels & Cartons | Multi-Pack CDU's, SRP's & Trays | Inkjet Blank Labels | Single Ply and Peal-and-Reveal - with and without integrated warning triangle | Leaflets - Product Data Safety Sheets

NEW Alternative to Chubby Gorilla | Flying Stag Flying Stag - World wide patent pending, NEW, E-Liquid PET Bottle & CRC Design

NEW E-Liquid PET Bottle & CRC


In partnership with our award winning, European Bottle Manufacturer; we are pleased to offer the E-Liquid Industry a NEW and innovative PET Bottle and CRC. The bottle and CRC have been designed from the ground up with 'ease of use' front of mind.

  •  User friendly Design - CRC can be opened and closed one-handed.
  • Cap and nib are attached and therefore cannot be misplaced OR lost.
  • CRC nib is designed for CRC Pods - small aperture (even on the 60ml).
  • Tamper evident tab.
There are significant environmental benefits with this unique CRC and Bottle design, namely:
  • The CRC requires 25% less (PP) Plastic.
  • Due to fewer manufacturing stages, the TOTAL production requires 60% less energy.
  •  Bottles are available with 20% & 50% rPET.
  • A European Union Quality product, abiding by the updated European Commission Directive.
To help your Brand stand-out from the crowd; there are a number of aesthetic options too:
  • CRC & Bottle are available in a wide gamut of colours - opaque and transparent.
  • CRC - Gloss and Matt finishes available.
  • CRC - embossed logo on cap is an option.
  • Wide range of bottle designs and sizes.

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